Our Story


Our Story

Through the years of working in the golf industry on several islands in Hawaii, we set out to create a unique Hawaiian style golf glove. We created the glove to be fully functional and our goal was to give travelers an opportunity to share part of the Hawaiian Culture 

Our Mission

We are promoting this cultural symbol in order to share a part of Hawaii with the rest of the world. 

The Shaka

The SHAKA is an ancient Hawaiian hand gesture used to convey the Aloha Spirit. The SHAKA has been widely used as a welcome and goodbye sign throughout the Hawaiian Islands. This simple gesture has traveled the world to share feelings of respect, happiness, and friendship. When you use it, you acknowledge the true concept of Aloha and participate in the heartbeat that makes Hawaii a special place. The Shaka Golf Glove allows you to bring this classic Hawaiian symbol home and share Aloha with all of your friends and family. 



Size Chart

Glove Size Guide

Measure the length of your open hand from the base of the palm to the tip of your middle finger. 

XX-SMALL 6.75" inches
X-SMALL 7.25" inches
SMALL 7.5" inches
MEDIUM 7.75" inches
MEDIUM/LARGE 8" inches
LARGE 8.25" inches
X-LARGE 8.75" inches